Epic gifts for the Discworld Nerd in your life…..

This is I think, going to be a list of wonderful things that I feel every disc fan would love, plus, it’s a great way for me to plug friends or companies I know, use and love.

There are so many great things for the fan of the Disc, with suppliers of such things as signed books, artworks, socks and even models (Clarecraft for the Vintage and Paul Kidby for some more recent stuff) and the joy that i’ve found is that there are things you can get for really cheap, and those where you can splurge and get something truly fantastic.

I have a friend called Lee who runs Doodlee Crafts (here’s the facebook link)

Gotta love Vime’s badge and some gorgeous Lilac! Especially around this time of year.

I should also take this time to plug my own mini cottage industry Half Baked Productions http://www.facebook.com/pollyHBP/. I make jewellery and suchlike and every time I do something for charity, if my Disc friends donate, they get a bit of Disc themed stuff. I’ve just moved into making bookmarks too and they all have a special place in my heart as the Disc has always been so special to me.

There are 2 main groups where I do my purchasing normally. The Discworld Emporium (a place I have yet to visit in person and this is probably a good thing otherwise a) I may never leave and b) i’d be bankrupt!.


This is the official home of the Disc in my opinion, a mini museum and shop all bound into one, with the wonderful Bernard behind the counter to regale you with stories and tales of his and Terry’s time together. It isbased in Wincanton (also a place where I need to visit) and full of wondrous things to purchase. Some of the things I have got from there include…..

Discworld Monthly is a group I’ve been part of for well over 10 years now, Rachel and Jason are lovely people and massive fans, they make wonderful handmade gifts and bits related to the fandom.

I love their stuff as it is made by them and they put their hearts and souls into supporting and keeping the Disc alive in the eyes of new (and old) fans alike.

I got this from them last year…

All in all there’s so many wonderful things you can buy for your friend the Discworld fan…..games, books, models, apparel, jigsaws and the like that I wouldn’t want to say “these are the must haves” and make everything else simply superfluous. I think if you’re friends with someone who is a fan, and you’re looking to buy them something, gauge their likes and dislikes….or at worst, buy them some kind of gift voucher!

I’d just like to add one final paragraph – about the newest items I have been given from the Disc.

Last year a friend of mine passed away, she lived in Spain and was always amazing to me and after she died, a package arrived from the Emporium with the newest Pratchett diary that I had not been in any way part of buying – I mean, I’d drooled over it, lusted over it but no, I hadn’t purchased it. I managed to check and was told that it was purchased by someone in Spain and although no note or whatnot was enclosed, I don’t know who else it could have come from and now I can’t check with her if that was the case but now I am keeping the diary as the last thing I got from her. Look how beautiful it is!!

Last but not least, possibly the most beautiful piece of jewellery I have ever received, my partner got me a Tiffany Aching snowflake necklace. I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t know the significance of this as I hadnt been able to bring myself to actually read that last set of books but I now have, this necklace is from Wintersmith, where love is a major theme and I’ve now resolved that i’d like to wear it every day. A gift of love, from my love and a gorgeous piece of the Disc to forever carry with me.

The joy of the Disc is that we’re all together, our aim in life is “Be More Terry” maybe try to talk to your disc loving friend and see what they suggest. Watch one of the DVDs together or play a couple of hands of Ankh Morpork…..one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever gotten from the Disc is the joy of passing it on, to share the love and joy that I feel about the series and I think for me, that is the most important thing. We all get the joy of the books and now we’re all part of a community.

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