My favourite places to read.

I got given this as a topic and it really struck me as a good suggestion. I’ll be honest, there are so many places I’ve really enjoyed reading that I think this will be more of a “places I have loved to read” because I’ve moved about a fair amount and I’m lucky that there have been some really memorable places where I would recommend to anyone.

Boston Library – Lincolnshire, UK. It’s been a really long time since I was there but I can remember when I moved back there aged 17 or so to do my A levels, I spent a lot of hours here and there used to be a window seat, right above an old school radiator and made comfy with cushions and softness, I used to love going in here when I had a free afternoon, especially when the weather was not great as I could lose myself in any book I picked up and thankfully, during the day, the library was fairly quiet so I got to just chill by myself.

Parc Guell is one of the most beautiful places in the world as far as I’m concerned. I decided years ago that once I die and am cremated, this is where I want to be scattered. Every time I spend time in Barcelona, there is something really lovely about getting some drinks, finding a spot in the gardens and just chilling with a book, listening to one of the bands who play and watching the world go by.

Next to a pool (preferably outside somewhere and somewhere warm), when I’ve been on holiday before the main problem I have is not being able to take enough reading material with me. I went to the Dominican Republic for 2 weeks years ago, I took 4 novels and they were each read at least twice! I do really enjoy being warm, near water and preferably with a cocktail nearby – but then, I feel most of my life would be improved with those 3 options included! It is calming and relaxing and fully allows me to unwind and get really engrossed.

Pere Lachaise is another wonderful place to just chill and spend time. Last time I was in Paris, I went and got a baguette, some cheese, some wine (drank out of a mcdonalds cup – yes I know I’m a classy one!) and then went and just sat listening to the city bustling by outside and watching the sun go down. I think I managed about a chapter of the book I was reading at the time before I had to down tools and just relish the area I was in. Sorry, sometimes when surrounded by beauty it’s tricky to focus on a novel, despite this, I would most definitely recommend it.

My bed – ok, so this isn’t one I’d recommend to everyone, but surely reading in bed, with a blanket, a cup of tea and maybe even some biscuits is heavenly for everyone? I’m very lucky in my current home as the window is straight across from the bed so in the morning and afternoon, the sun is bright enough to read by but not too bright. I love reading on my bed, but the problem I tend to have is if I get too comfortable I will fall asleep, so there are a lot of times I’ve gone to read a chapter or two and then i’d wake up with a start without even realising I was tired!

On public transport is also a great place to read, you get to be absorbed – especially on long journeys and avoid the tedium. I have only just passed my driving test so before this I have been reliant on trains/buses and coaches to travel around, seeing friends, family and for holidays. I do generally love travelling but sometimes I find it easier to be lost in a book, then the delays, traffic or even turbulence can take a back seat.

As a child, one of my favourite places to spend time with books was in the bath, my mum used to come and read stories to me, I can remember a lot of Jennings and Derbyshire and I know that I was obsessed with the opening poem in the copy of the Lord of the RIngs (Three rings for the Elven King etc.) that we had. I’m really glad she read to me as I will ALWAYS think of that when I think of her.

I think the fact that my parents were always happy for me to read pretty much anything on the shelves made me more likely to read. Yes, I do watch a tonne of trash tv, but it tends to be on in the background while I read or do something else. I used to come home from school and my mum (who worked at home) would be in her office and I could go and sit on the floor in there, pick up one of her Ed McBain or Stephen King books and just spend time with her and to find new things to read too.

So there you have it, some of my favourite places. There are so many more but i’d love more suggestions from you guys – where do you love to read?

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