The First Phone Call from Heaven

I really enjoyed this book. I was able to get absorbed, and finished it within two days.

Coldwater, Michigan, USA.

Tess Rafferty, starts to receive calls from a deceased loved one. She, together with the other ‘chosen’ residents of Coldwater believe it’s a miracle which soon transforms this small town into the pilgrimage destination eagerly debated by local residents, religious leaders in the area and settled upon by the world’s miracle hungry press.. However, Sully Harding has his doubts and he sets out to uncover the lie. We follow Sully in his quest to expose people responsible for what he believes are fake phone calls. While he’s busy investigating, we find out more about his life and the reason why he decided to solve this mystery.
All the way throughout the book Albom also tells the story of Alexander Graham Bell and his invention of the telephone. It was interesting to find out more about Bell’s life as well as how exactly the telephone came to existence. With some surprising details on the way!

The themes are explored really well within this book, and provides food for thought on the subjects of loss, grief, and religious beliefs without taking any particular stance, and goes deep without being depressing or sombre. The experiences of the characters, their emotions, and the community reactions are more important than the actual narrative, because there’s plenty to think about, feel, and explore even if there are points where the story doesn’t move along too much.

I found myself highlighting lots of great quotes, and it’s well written. I would have given 5 stars, but there were some slower moments and an ending that I wasn’t too keen on (most likely personal taste, though). I’d still recommend, both to religious and non-religious people alike, as a great exploration of human behaviour and experiences.

I have read the Five People you Meet in Heaven and For One More Day and loved them both. I enjoyed this book but sadly it didn’t engage me as much as the others. This is not a negative review I am glad I read it and I would recommend it I just enjoyed his other two books more.
I think the reasons are there are a lot of characters in this book therefore a lot of point of views which at times got frustrating as I wanted to get back to the stories of the main characters one being Sully and his son. The back story of Alexander Graham Bell and his love was a really nice addition and blended in well with the story. It is a book that makes you think, it centres around love and grief the emotions are believable and the ending is open for your own interpretation.

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