Pratchett Postal

I know that a lot of my friends will know what this all about but I thought it might make an interesting topic and might prompt other people to get involved with my madcap schemes! I've been on twitter for a fairly long time, but I first joined it with the aim of having somewhere … Continue reading Pratchett Postal


Reading as a child

I was obsessed with reading as a kid, I mean, pretty much all of my life as a younger person I was safe when I was surrounded by books. My brother and I were really lucky as kids but once he left home, I felt a lot lonelier and retreated more into the safety of … Continue reading Reading as a child

Hogfather: Sir Terry Pratchett


“All right,” said Susan. “I’m not stupid. You’re saying humans need… fantasies to make life bearable.” REALLY? AS IF IT WAS SOME KIND OF PINK PILL? NO. HUMANS NEED FANTASY TO BE HUMAN. TO BE THE PLACE WHERE THE FALLING ANGEL MEETS THE RISING APE. “Tooth fairies? Hogfathers?” YES. AS PRACTICE. YOU HAVE TO START … Continue reading Hogfather: Sir Terry Pratchett