Is it possible to review a cookery book?

The thing is, I LOVE cooking and the joy I find in reading recipe books is huge, even if I’m not cooking, it gives me inspiration and drives my dreams for future meals. This is something I actually feel quite strongly about. I do love food and cookbooks and have spent a long time just … Continue reading Is it possible to review a cookery book?


As a book blogger, do you ever struggle to come up with ideas for blog posts? Today's post is for you! Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers I thought it would be the perfect time to share some blog post ideas for book bloggers. Things that I am going to use moving forward - so … Continue reading suggestions

Judging a book by it’s cover

I’m sure your mother told you, NEVER judge a book by it’s cover but sometimes,  I have to disagree; of course you can judge a book by its cover. That’s precisely what the covers of books are for. Judging the book. That’s how you know what the book is called and who wrote it, and … Continue reading Judging a book by it’s cover