Is it possible to review a cookery book?

The thing is, I LOVE cooking and the joy I find in reading recipe books is huge, even if I’m not cooking, it gives me inspiration and drives my dreams for future meals. This is something I actually feel quite strongly about. I do love food and cookbooks and have spent a long time just … Continue reading Is it possible to review a cookery book?

The First Phone Call from Heaven

I really enjoyed this book. I was able to get absorbed, and finished it within two days. Coldwater, Michigan, USA. Tess Rafferty, starts to receive calls from a deceased loved one. She, together with the other ‘chosen’ residents of Coldwater believe it’s a miracle which soon transforms this small town into the pilgrimage destination eagerly … Continue reading The First Phone Call from Heaven

My favourite places to read.

I got given this as a topic and it really struck me as a good suggestion. I'll be honest, there are so many places I've really enjoyed reading that I think this will be more of a "places I have loved to read" because I've moved about a fair amount and I'm lucky that there … Continue reading My favourite places to read.


A shot in the Dark – Neil Richards & Matthew Costello

I’m not gonna lie, the thrill of an old school mystery is a real love of mine – I’m a real sucker for Agatha Christie and the like and when I was offered the chance to review this new novel, I jumped at it. Previous readers/followers of the Bartlett’s Book Nook blog will know that … Continue reading A shot in the Dark – Neil Richards & Matthew Costello

Coming to a realisation

Morning all! I've obviously been lapse in my blogging of late, moving house and just not having much inspiration so I've spent more time reading other blogs and I think I've had a bit of a breakthrough. Blogs don't have to be overly long do they? I've always thought they need to be full of … Continue reading Coming to a realisation

Judging a book by it’s cover

I’m sure your mother told you, NEVER judge a book by it’s cover but sometimes,  I have to disagree; of course you can judge a book by its cover. That’s precisely what the covers of books are for. Judging the book. That’s how you know what the book is called and who wrote it, and … Continue reading Judging a book by it’s cover